Biologics, antibodies, biosimilar and therapeutic proteins application:

Therapeutic proteins have constituted a majority of biological drugs produced throughout the globe, from early 1980s. Most of the recent biological drugs has been produced in robust animal cell lines either anchorage-dependent cell clines or they have been adapted to grow in suspension, for example most commonly used Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

Fed-batch culture and perfusion based continuous or semi-continuous culture mode are the commonly preferred culture processes for biologics manufacturing. In this field, processes are typically optimized to culture cells to very high densities involving complex media and multiple nutrient feeds at small scale and then scaled up to larger working volumes. Many a times, inconsistencies in cell culture performance arise during process scale-up due to geometrical differences of the bioreactors, which can result in premature batch failures and compromise in product quality profile.

The bioreactor systems from OmniBRx biotechnologies are designed by keeping the existing problems of bioprocessing in mind. The technologies of CellBRx and PerfBRx can help alleviate this scale-up issue by offering linearly scalable and consistent bioprocessing for adherent and suspension cell culture from 0.1 L to 5000 L scales.

We are continually developing the cutting-edge bioprocessing technologies for your desired applications. The PerfBRx bioreactor systems accommodates the novel means for cell separation devices to support very cell density continuous cultures for large scale therapeutic protein application.

Chose PerfBRx bioreactors for cost effective and consistent biologics production using continuous perfusion based suspension cell culture bioprocesses. To learn more about PerfBRx bioreactors read more.

For Adherent cell culture applications, we recommend the DBR Technology based CellBRx Bioreactor Systems for scalable and efficient biologics production. To know more about CellBRx bioreactors, read more.