The technologies from OmniBRx are standalone tools for every customized bioprocessing needs. Along with the universal characteristics, the technologies are fully scalable, efficient and affordable. Match the pace with 21st centuries; say “good bye” to conventional bioprocessing tools and embrace our next generation technologies.

Dynamic Bed Reactor (DBR) technology:

At the centre of the CellBRx Product range, there lies an innovative technology for adherent cell culture based bioprocessing. The Proprietary DBR technology well addresses the existing bioprocessing constraints i.e. scalability, affordability, efficiency for production of vaccines, recombinant therapeutics and stem cell therapies. To learn more about DBR technology read more


The truly scalable bioreactor technology for suspension cell culture. The world’s first, perfusion integrated single-use bioreactors encompassing the novel separation device with linearly scalability from 0.1 L to 5000L scale. To learn more about PerfBRx, read more