Dynamic-BED Reactor technology in CellBRx Bioreactors:

The Universal Solution for most efficient and high cell density perfusion cell culture with ultimate Simplicity and Scalability.

The existing cell culture technologies for upstream processing includes devices and bioreactor systems with increased surface area using multiple plates, parallel staked discs, cell carriers in packed bed, rolled membranes and microcarriers. The aforesaid technologies suffer from common limitations i.e. scalability, efficiency and affordability.

The core objective is to develop an innovative bioreactor system with DBR technology to address the existing constraints and limitations to produce vaccines, recombinant therapeutics and stem cells.

Surface area for cell attachment and growth has been increased drastically with ensured homogenous mixing of media and nutrients along with provision of efficient harvesting of cells using automation. The innovative DBR technology design offers a homogeneous mixing and maximum surface area for adherent cell cultures. Also, provide ease of operation, affordability and efficiency.

The proprietary DBR technology employs parallel discs stacked on multiple shafts i.e. central and peripheral shafts. The intermingling arrangement of the discs loaded on central and peripheral shafts ensures efficient mixing and absence of non-homogeneous conditions throughout the culture support matrix.

  • Scalability

    CellBRx™ bioreactors runs on truly scalable technology to provide linear scalability from R&D to manufacturing scale.

  • Efficiency

    They are the first in class bioreactors for most efficient high cell density adherent cell culture.

  • Affordability

    Small facility footprints with very high volumetric productivity makes the CellBRx™ bioreactors most affordable and preferable tools for biologics production

  • Simplicity

    Integrated perfusion logic and robust automation software turns these bioreactors, the most simplest yet fully automated culture platforms.

  • Single-Use & customizable
    Single-Use & customizable

    Pre-calibrated, Pre-validated and fully customizable manufacturing from 0.25L to 500L Bioreactors

Comparative analysis of DBR technology to other marketed products:

Performance criteria Roller Bottles Cell factories Multi-plate reactors Packed bed bioreactors Microcarriers (100L STR) DBR technology based Bioreactors (100L)
Scalability NO NO NO NO NO YES
Surface Area (SA) / Unit 0.105 m2 0.64 m2 20 m2 500 m2 1100 m2 1183 m2
SA / Media volume 5.3 cm2/ml 3.2 cm2/ml 5.6 cm2/ml 66.7 cm2/ml 22.0 cm2/ml 118 cm2/ml
Mixing and Homogeneity High Static System Medium Low High High
Production Efficiency Low Low Medium High Medium High
Therapeutic end-product quality Better Better Better Good Good Better
Ease of handling Laborious Laborious Yes Yes Laborious Yes
Contamination risk High High Low Low Low Low
Cell harvesting Yes Yes Yes, time intensive No No Yes
Cost High High High Low Medium Low
Footprints High High Moderate Moderate High Low
Automation No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

The existing constraints of the bioprocessing industry will be addressed in single-use bioreactors by using Dynamic Bed Reactor technology, which will offer following benefits.

  • Deliver fully scalable culture systems from lab to production scale with improved mixing and efficiencies for cell culture applications
  • Decrease contamination risk with single-use, closed systems
  • Reduce upstream validation requirements hence increase speed of medicine availability in market
  • Improve cell health and quality, resulting in homogeneous protein expression
  • Reduce costs in the form of capital expenditures, labour, facilities and materials, while increasing protein/cell yield per square foot of production space

CellBRx bioreactors are the only systems of its kind employing Dynamic Bed Reactor Technology in the bioprocessing industry and is the most versatile, functional, and efficient system in today’s market. The CellBRx Bioreactors are available in several configurations. Bioreactors range can be fully customized to fulfil the client requirements and will be readily available in various capacity & sizes, ranging from 0.250 L to 500 L capacity.

For process development and Research work, CellBRx micro 0.25/0.5 are the world’s first perfusion integrated microbioreactors. Pilot scale bioreactors CellBRx 2/10 are for small scale manufacturing and pilot scale production. For large scale production and manufacturing of biologics, CellBRx 100 and CellBRx 500 are available with capacities ranging from 100L to 500L working volume.

Configuration of CellBRx™ Bioreactors from R&D to Manufacturing scale
Scale Variants
Bioreactors BRx Volume Aspect Ratio (h/d) No. of Discs in Support matrix Surface Area in bioreactor vessel (m2) Equivalent Roller Bottles (1050 cm2) Equivalent Cell Factory CF10 (0.64 m2)
CellBRx 0.5 0.5 1.6 15 3.6 34 5.7
CellBRx 2/10 2 1.5 44 13 126 21
5 1.6 70 46 440 73
10 1.6 113 186 1776 295
CellBRx 100 100 1.8 232 1183 11269 1872
CellBRx 500 500 1.8 400 4800 45714 7594

For Stem cell culture applications, i.e. cell therapies and gene therapies, the CellBRx bioreactor support matrix surfaces can be customized to support growth and differentiation of different types of stem cells. Customization is also available to maximize the cell harvesting efficiency of the bioreactor system.

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