• To be the bioprocess innovator company where every technology outcome remains the benchmark for next few decades.
  • To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product needs service support to biopharma and stem cell therapy centers—globally.
  • To equip every bioprocessing lab with OmniBRx bioreactors/tools and become excellent partner for mutual success.


  • OmniBRx provides the most innovative and universal bioprocessing solutions for highly efficient, scalable cell culture based bio-manufacturing.
  • To innovate and provide solutions for stem cell therapies for efficient and scalable stem cell culture through single use bioreactors.
  • To innovate and provide scalable, efficient and affordable single use bioreactors for biologics manufacturing.


Our Mission is to be the world’s leading manufacturer of single-use bioreactors for the biopharmaceutical industry, and to bring each of our customers superior value with our products and commitment to service.

OmniBRx Biotechnologies strives to revolutionize the quality, scalability and predictability of biologics manufacturing including vaccine, M’Abs and therapeutic mammalian protein production.

We are a biotech company specifically focused on upstream bioprocessing solutions. We have entered in the bioprocessing market with the most advanced, efficient and scalable CellBRx range of bioreactors for adherent cell culture bioprocessing. We are ready to serve and be a trusted partner with global biopharmaceuticals to develop and manufacture game-changing bioprocessing solutions. We manufacture automated single-use perfusion bioreactor systems and provide custom services for GMP production from pre-clinical to commercial in mg to kg quantities.

Our solutions deliver value to customers by

  • Delivering fully scalable culture systems from lab to production scale with improved mixing and efficiencies for cell culture applications
  • Decreasing production risk with single-use, closed systems
  • Increasing speed to market by drastically reducing upstream validation requirements
  • Improving cell health and quality, resulting in homogeneous protein expression
  • Reducing costs in the form of capital expenditures, labor, facilities and materials, while increasing protein yield per square foot of production space

OmniBRx Biotechnologies produces the easiest to use and most technologically-advanced bioreactors for the pharmaceutical industry. Our single-use bioreactors have the smallest per liter volume footprints and are fully scalable for any stage of the cell culture process, from R&D to clinical to cGMP production. In summary, we provide efficient, cost-effective disposable systems and top-notch technical services to help our customers solve complex cell culture challenges.